Italian wine producer is looking for commercial agents and/or distributors

Summary: The Sicilian-based winery is a family-owned company and was established in 2006. Over the years, the winery has won 31 international awards. In 2014, Nero D’Avola won the Gold Medal in the China Wine Awards; in 2016 Catarratto won the Silver Medal in Mundus Vini; in 2008, Syrah won the Silver Medal in the International Wine Competition.

Wine produced by the company includes:

- Catarratto, which is a white wine obtained by mixing two varieties of grapes (common and glimmer). These grapes grow in Sicily exclusively, being the third most common grape in Italy and one of the most cultivated in the world.

Catarratto has a good and elegant acidity and pairs nicely with fish and seafood, pasta dishes, chicken, soft cheeses and it is excellent also for aperitifs.

- Nero D’Avola, which is a red wine and is considered the “king of Sicilian grapes”. This kind of wine is soft, warm, with a strong and elegant personality. The color changes from vineyard to vineyard, from purple red to intense ruby.

Nero D’Avola could offer also scents of ripe blueberries, blackberries, chocolate, coffee and violets. It pairs nicely with both the Italian cuisine dishes as well as the Russian and Chinese one.

- Syrah, which is a full-bodied red wine with a powerful flavor. In Sicily, it is the second most cultivated red grape and offers scents of ripe berries, red fruits, black pepper and licorice. This red wine pairs nicely with grilled meats and mature cheeses.

- Merlot, which is known for being soft, ripe and elegant. The wine is often said to have a plummy taste and notes of chocolate. It’s also considered to be smooth and very easy to drink. It pairs nicely with pork meat.

- Grillo, a Sicilian white grape variety which makes a fresh, light white wine with nutty, fruit-driven flavors that include lemon and apple. Lighter styles have citrus blossom and peach nuances, while more aromatic versions deliver passion fruit, grapefruit and herbal sensations reminiscent of Sauvignon Blanc. It pairs nicely with lemon-based dishes.

Advantages & innovations: With having a branch of the company in China, in particular in the Sichuan province, the company can guarantee the presence of at least one company representative in this target country. The company is able to provide great help to potential partners in terms of promotion, consulting and/or customers hunting. High quality standards and a mixture of tradition and innovation make the winery’s products recognizable abroad.

Partner sought: The ideal partners shall be distributors, agents and/or direct importers with a strong experience in the beverage sector engaged in a well-expanded network.

Type of Partnership considered: Commercial agency agreement, Distribution services agreement

Contact for detail: EENCC Macao Office
                                (853)2871 3338



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