Cold pressed juice providers looking for distributors

Summary: A family run company from the south west of Poland is a producer of hand-made cold pressed juices made of different fresh fruits, especially apples. There is no extra water added, no sugar added, no pasteurized and sell in glass bottles or in bag-in-box.

The company has its own fruit farm which produces fruits such as apples, sour cherries, peaches, raspberries, black currant and aronia; and also wheat and corn.  The company offers up to 15 different types of juices (both fruits and vegetable); all of them are based on apple juice. The products are in glass bottles or in 3 or 5 litres bag-in-box system. Packaging bag- in-box consists of a special bag filled with juice, which is then passed into the box to protect the bag against mechanical damage and to facilitate transport. Once opened, the content of the bag is not in contact with the air, as is poured by a special dispensing valve which prevents the air getting into the package. As retrieve the next portion of the packaged product so the bag shrinks. This unique system thus protects the contents of the package already open against corruption and makes it long lasting freshness, appearance and taste up to 4 weeks.

The products are listed as a tradition product on a special list held by Ministry of Agriculture and have many local and international awards for taste and quality.

Type of partner sought: Distributors under distribution services agreement

Field of activity of the partner: Distributors should have experiences in non-alcoholic drinks distribution and in distribution of natural, healthy  drinks. 

Contact for detail: EENCC Macao Office
                        (853)2871 3338


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