2015 Shenzhen China Hi-Tech Fair

The annual China Hi-tech Fair kicked off at the Shenzhen Convention Exhibition Centre on 16th November with the theme ‘Innovation Entrepreneurship, cross-border Integration’ brought more than 3,000 exhibitors to this technology show. On 16th November morning, Macao Delegation organized by Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM) attended the opening ceremony of the Macao Pavilion before they visited the other exhibition halls. The Macao Pavilion comprised of 12 exhibitors; they included government departments, technology companies, universities and association.  The CPTTM organized 3 groups from Macao to visit the CHTF on 16th and 17th December respectively. They groups were the VIP Delegation, young entrepreneurs and high school teachers and students. The visit provided the young entrepreneurs a chance to participate in conference and other activities to promote scientific and technological exchanges between Macao and overseas peers. And the teachers and students from the Macao high schools could have better understanding of high-tech products and technologies. 

The Macao Pavilion was located in Hall 9 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. This hall was for exhibitors from the state ministries and Commission, the provinces and municipalities; and colleges throughout China.


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